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Dashboard Warning Lights

Your Jaguar speaks to you with its own set of emojis. Some of these pictorial symbols are easier to decipher than others. However, it’s important to know exactly what these warning lights mean and what needs to happen to fix the system in question. If any of your dashboard warning lights come on, contact the factory-trained service team at Jaguar Hinsdale and schedule a vehicle systems check. Our Service Excellence Promise means that when you bring your vehicle to Jaguar Hinsdale, we offer upfront and honest communication throughout your entire service experience. If you have any of these elements light up on your Jaguar, schedule your service appointment today and let us diagnose, repair, and get your Jaguar back on the road!

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 Oil Pressure Warning Light  OIL PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT

This old-fashioned oil can symbol indicates that there is an issue with your car’s oil pressure system. Either you’re running low on oil or your oil pump isn’t circulating enough fluid to properly lubricate the surfaces inside your engine. 

Tire Pressure Warning Light  TIRE PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT

If the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) symbol is solid, then the pressure in one or more of your tires is too low or too high. If the TPMS symbol flashes for 60-90 seconds when you turn on your vehicle and then stays illuminated, even if your tires are properly inflated, then something is wrong with your TPMS sensors.

Engine Temperature Warning Light  ENGINE TEMPERATURE WARNING LIGHT

If you see this symbol pop up, it means that your engine is overheating. First, try turning off the A/C and turning the heater on to redistribute heat to the passenger compartment. If that doesn’t work, pull over as soon as it is safe and turn off the vehicle. Allow the engine to cool for at least 15 minutes. 

Traction Control Light  TRACTION CONTROL LIGHT

This car symbol indicates that your vehicle’s traction control system is activated. The traction control system uses your anti-lock brake system (ABS) to determine if one wheel is spinning faster than the others. If it detects that a wheel is slipping, it applies the brakes until the car regains traction. This is most helpful if you’re driving in rain or snow.

Battery Alert Light  BATTERY ALERT LIGHT

This light signifies a problem with the vehicle’s charging system. Possible culprits include a loose or damaged battery cable, a bad alternator, or another electrical fault. Don’t wait too long to get it checked out or you may have to jump-start your car!

Engine Warning Light (Check Engine Light)  ENGINE WARNING LIGHT (CHECK ENGINE LIGHT)

A Check Engine Light may be triggered by an open, loose or cracked gas cap, which causes fuel to evaporate. Sometimes it may indicate a serious issue, like low oil pressure or overheating. If the check engine light is red and/or flashing, you should stop driving immediately! In most vehicles, a flashing check engine light signals that you have a major problem that could cause serious damage to your engine if you ignore it.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Warning Light  ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS) WARNING LIGHT

When you brake hard, like on slick roads, the ABS pulses the brakes to prevent your wheels from locking up. If the ABS warning light is illuminated, it means that something is wrong with the system. This is an important system for your vehicle so it’s important to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Transmission Temperature Warning Light  TRANSMISSION TEMPERATURE WARNING LIGHT

If this symbol appears on your dashboard, it means that your transmission is overheating. This could be caused by low transmission fluid, worn transmission parts, heavy towing or something else. Pull over as soon as it’s safe and turn off the vehicle. Wait for the vehicle to cool down before attempting to drive again and get to a repair shop as soon as possible. If the light won’t go off and you have a ways to go, it’s best to call for a tow.

Low Fuel Indicator Light  LOW FUEL INDICATOR LIGHT

You’re likely familiar with this dashboard light (maybe a little too familiar!). It simply means your vehicle is running low on fuel. Don’t push your luck! Find the nearest gas station to fill up. 

Brake Warning Light  BRAKE WARNING LIGHT

If you see this symbol on your dashboard, either the parking brake is engaged or there’s a problem with your braking system.

Washer Fluid Indicator Light  WASHER FLUID INDICATOR LIGHT

This dashboard symbol means that you’re low on windshield washer fluid. Having a clean windshield is important so while this symbol isn’t an indicator of your vehicle’s ability to drive, don’t risk a dirty windshield being the cause of  a more serious issue. 

Airbag Indicator Light  AIRBAG INDICATOR LIGHT

The airbag warning light signals that something is wrong with one of your airbags or the entire airbag system.


If your Jaguar communicates with you through any of the above warning lights, immediately schedule service with Jaguar Hinsdale. With our Jaguar Active Service Reception, we take our Service Excellence Promise to the next level by inspecting your Jaguar with you right by our side for the ultimate experience in service transparency. You will see how all your vehicle’s systems work together and our factory-trained service technicians will clearly explain what it will take to correct any system errors. 

Jaguar Hinsdale is ready to help you with all your service needs. If one of the necessary repairs indicated by a dashboard warning light comes at an inconvenient time, you can take advantage of our Service Now. Pay Later. option. Our focus is on your customer service experience and our team is ready to ensure your Jaguar is back on the road and ready to take you to work, activities, and weekend getaways in the quickest amount of time.

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